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Get the latest information on where to take one of Chef Bon's classes, attend one of her lectures, or see her in action on one of her projects.

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At Bonita Woods Wellness Institute, we transform therapy for special needs children into fun, family friendly activities and entertaining educational programs. We present creative solutions and provide tools to both achieve your developmental goals and continue with the learned techniques at home.

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Where can you find the BWWI team? Check out our schedule of on- and off-site events here.

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Zander and his friends came up with the idea - every kid should be able to have an after school snack; even when their parents need our help to nurture and nourish their family.

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The Muffintop Project is a multimedia program and interactive website currently being designed to help kids understand how their lifestyle choices effect their bodies.

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The Bonita Woods Wellness Institute is honored to coordinate programs with Marine Corps Youth Foundation. Work out with real Marines! You only compete against yourself! Learn how to exercise safely & effectively as you increase your strength and stamina!

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Get tips on how to get and keep yourself healthy - what foods to include and what foods to avoid, behaviors that help and behaviors that don't, activities that lead to better health, and more!

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Exercising isn't just performing a workout routine. You can add exercise to your daily life while also helping your community or having fun with your family & friends.

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Check out Chef Bon's favorite recipes - they're easy to prepare and good for you!

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How do other people's decisions - the government, businesses, etc - affect you, your food, and your health? How can you make a difference? Find out here!

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These articles may not be specifically about your health, nutrition, or well-being, but Chef Bon thought you might enjoy reading them anyway :)

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Do you know what is missing from your life? Pictures of animals eating healthfully! Browse through them here, and get tips on how to help the wildlife in your area.

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Learn about the Wellness Institute's leader, Bonita Woods, and check out some of the great things she's accomplished, including projects and articles.

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What do Bonita and her colleagues have to say? Browse through press releases, magazine and newspaper articles, TV appearances, event write-ups, and more!

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The Bonita Woods Wellness Institute has relationships with various local and national organizations. Find out who they are, what they do, and what they have to offer you...

Chef Bon's Cooking Classes

Picture So many of you have asked me where you can take my cooking classes. Happily, my wellness center is across the street from the Falls Church Community Center and the has a wonderful kitchen classroom. This makes me happy on so many levels, including the fact that I get to work with my favorite community center! Zander and I have benefited so much from the wonderful and affordable programs they offer, I am thrilled that I get actually to work with this wonderful organization. You can see the actual class brochure here. I also present classes, lectures, workshops and CEC programs for healthcare professionals. Mostly, I present at local senior care & healthcare facilities, government centers, schools, public libraries and community centers. The easiest way to learn about them is on our MeetUp page. Please also feel welcome to contact me if you are interested in my presenting to your organization!

You can invite Chef Bon to your school!

Chef Bon hosting a Colonial American lunch at TJ Elementary School. Students learned just how much our daily meals have changed over the years! If your school is in the Greater Washington, DC metropolitan area, you can invite Chef Bon to visit your school! The Bonita Woods Wellness Institute offers a variety of culinary, nutrition and wellness programs for students. Our programs are fun, educational and memorable.

No matter where you are in the USA, you can also get Food Health type programs through Chefs Move to Schools & Prevent Obesity. Both programs are part of Mrs Obama's Let's Move! campaign, and Chef Bon is active with all of them.

Why do we do this? Because our children have the right to grow up healthfully and age as gracefully as Master Tao... and Chef Bon's mom, Ursy Potter. Ursy just returned from horseback riding & hiking very steep mountains of San Miguel, Mexico, where she took pictures of monarch butterflies (at the final stop of their southern migration). As soon as she was back home, Ursy and her husband Carter Hearn went kayaking at the Needles section of the Shenandoah River.

All 3 of these amazing adults are an inspiration to us all!

Every child also has the right to also be an inspiration of fun & healthful living!

Please help us to help end childhood hunger!

Every child needs to eat healthfully! Health and wellness education is important for our kids. Equally important is making sure that all children have access to healthful food. Please visit No Kid Hungry to give your voice in asking Congress to protect SNAP (formerly food stamps) and other federal nutrition programs in the Farm Bill. Also, you can add your email to the pledge. Your support will be very helpful!

Want to learn more? Check out these sites: Food Research and Action Center (FRAC), USDA Food and Nutrition Service, and SNAP to Health!.

PortionSizeMe - One kid's healthful perspective on food

Picture Thank you Cecilia for pointing this article out to me. You can read about Marshall's innovative program here in this New York Times article from 4/25/2012.

What a wonderful program this young man has started! Look further on their Facebook page.

Who says that desserts have to be bad for you to taste good?

Picture No one noticed the added health value to my desserts but they did notice how good they felt after eating them!

In this photo, you see:

Chef Bon's new cooking videos!

Picture Chef Bonita and her favorite nutrition partner Laurie Young are having fun making cooking videos. To answer the questions running through your head: No, we have no idea what we are doing. Yes, they will get better over time as we figure out how to do this right (ish). Yes, we are so happy & having a blast! Have any recipe requests? Please let us know! We would love to hear from you. Currently, we have 5 recipes on YouTube. We will get a bunch more starting in a couple of weeks. Check them out here :)