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Bonita channeles Messages of Love from Father Joseph & the Galactic Creators

From our event Learn to Channel with Bonita Woods. For a demonstration to her students, Bonita channeled messages of Love for Humanity and our Planet. We all receive messages from those in the non-physical. They may come in whispers, an inner knowing, a gut instinct or a heartfelt impression. Learning to channel is the just process of allowing these subtle messages to flow freely through your being. There are several styles of channeling, ranging from chatting with your guides to allowing them full possession of your body. You are always the one who determines your comfort of connection.

Learn to Receive & Channel Messages from Divine

From our event at Raven Wolf Center in Rollinsford, New Hampshire: Learn to Channel with Bonita Woods. Bonita shares her history of channeling and provides alternative perspectives to this wonderful art.

Learn to Bend Spoons with Your Mind!

What if you could give yourself absolute and irrevocable proof that your energetic work is real and true? Redefine physical reality to meet your desires!

Channeled Messages from the Akashic Record Guardians and Librarians

Bonita shares Messages about the future for Planet Earth and Humanity

Messages from Mother Earth

Bonita shares Messages from Spirit at Center for Spiritual Enlightenment on March 12, 2017

Channeled Meditation

White Shell Woman connects us all

Channeled Meditation

White Buffalo Woman takes us to a place of total healing and love

Past Lives

Bonita explains a lesson from a past life


PranaShakthi for Healing Sight and Hearing

Channeled Messages from Spirit

Gaia, Divine Mother of All, shares messages of Love and answers questions

Channeled Meditation

White Buffalo Woman Connects Us to the Great All

Guided Meditation

Guided Meditation to the Akashic records

Channeled Meditation

White Light Energy Awakening Meditation 12.20.16
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