Terri Pilkerton, MAEd, NCC, Counselor in Residence at BWWI

Spiritual Psychology

Are you in need of individual therapy? Bonita Woods Wellness Institute is happy to announce our new Counselor in Residence.

Terri is available to meet with you today or another time. Please call or email Terri to make an appointment. Her rates are $65 per hour for excellent therapy.

Terri Pilkerton, MAEd, NCC is a resident psychotherapist and specialist with over 12 years of experience working with individuals, parents and groups with ADHD, Autism and related issues. Along with her work in private practice, she has served as chair of the board of directors for CHADD (Children and Adults with Attention Deficit Disorder) of Northern Virginia and Washington DC, where she has been a volunteer since 2006.

Her strength is in supporting individuals to develop healthy behaviors, emotional growth, and family and peer relationships. Terri developed a passion for complementary therapies, such as yoga, meditation and mindfulness to help children and adolescents with anxiety, depression. Through her studies and experience in group therapy, Terri realized the benefits of yoga, mindfulness and meditation on her clients reduced anxiety, attention and focus, body awareness, development of boundaries, and ability to self-calm. Terri also works with parents to create new ways of interacting with and supporting their children.

Terri regularly provides workshops on yoga, mindfulness, meditation, and Play for groups throughout the area, including FCPS Parent Resource Center, Commonwealth Academy, CHADD, and NVLPC. Presentations for parent or school groups may be created or tailored by request.

For More Information on Terri Pilkerton or
Spiritual Psychology, please visit her website.