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"My experience in the healing chamber was an incredibly relaxing experience. It was my first time resting on the healing mat and I could feel its energetic properties. The atmosphere of the chamber is light and peaceful. While absorbing the atmosphere of the room I felt comforted and very open. My time there was such a treat to be able to collect myself and recharge."

Our Services

Healing Chamber

$35 for half hour, $50 for 1 hour

Sacred Healing Chamber with Crystal Light Therapy

Enjoy an extraordinary & intuitively enhancing experience is in in our full sensory energetic healing space. This includes: healing music, aromatherapy, chakra lights, crystals, butterflies and pure rock salt combined for the ultimate relaxation healing experience.

You are invited to enter our salt and crystal lined sacred space. Relax on our 12 chakra, amethyst and copper energetic healing mat while the room is filled with the aroma and music. Rest on our adjustable crystal and copper filled bed while our crystal chakra lights glow down upon you. Chose your preferred full healing experience to support your relaxation desires, be it clearing or opening a chakra, elevating your consciousness, connecting with a spirit, guide or resonance, emotionally detoxing or just relaxing.

This is a wonderful way to release the stresses & worries of daily life while and catch your spiritual breath. Also a fabulous "add on" item to treat yourself with following your private healing or as a pre-event treat before attending one of our amazing workshops.

Aura Photography & Energy Mapping

Aura Photography (135) & Energy Mapping ($165) (Both for $175)

Includes 40min Session in or Sacred Healing Chamber

Get to know yourself inside and out! This information is especially valuable to share with your holistic medical doctor, acupuncturist, naturopath, nutritionist, spiritual advisor or energetic healer. You also will receive a detailed 25 page report of your energy as it flows or is blocked, through your body.

Your session will begin with a 40 minute Soul Refresh session in our Sacred Healing Chamber. This will guarantee that your auric image is of your true self and not your energetic reaction to the day you have been experiencing.

Energy Mapping gives a detailed 26-page report about how your energy flows through your physical body, supports your neurological, intestinal well-being and immune system. This includes a Chakra image and a musical composition by converting your Chakras to Sound.

Aura Photography gives you a singular and detailed image of the electro-magnetic energy you emanate from your core being.

Our Team

Shamanic Workshops & Private Healing Sessions

Azurae Windwalker

Crystals and Crystal Healing:

Joey Adams and Cara Christopher

Shamanic Acupuncture

Michael Abramson

Angelic Healing:

Reverend Deborah

PranaShakthi Divine Energy Healing

Bonita Woods & Patty Hagan

Past Life Regression & Akashic Record Healing

Bonita Woods, NC, DM, FSSCP

Galactic Shamanic Healing


Spirit & Psychology

Terri Pilkerton, MAEd, NCC


Ranessa Porter

Reconnective Healing

Maryam Sardari

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