Aura Photography & Chakra Energy Mapping

Aura Photography & Chakra Energy Mapping

Class time depends on number of people attending, generally 1 to 4 hours


Do you ever wonder what your Aura looks like? How your Chakras are aligned? Today is your opportunity to find out! Check out our fancy equipment and learn how your electro-magnetic energy and neurologic pathways translate into beautiful visual images. The information you gain is helpful for self-understanding and appreciation. This can also be shared with your naturopath, holistic medical provider, massage therapist or acupuncturist.

PLEASE BRING A LAPTOP OR TABLET TO SAVE & VIEW YOUR ENERGY REPORT WITH. YOUR INFORMATION WILL BE GIVEN TO YOU ON A MEMORY STICK TO UPLOAD, SO YOUR  DEVICE SHOULD HAVE AN USP CONNECTION.  YOU MAY ALSO PURCHASE YOUR INFORMATION ON A MEMORY STICK FOR $5. For the first hour, we will photograph and energy map each person for the first hour then start the presentation & group reading.  Bonita will share her sample presentation while each attendee looks at your personal reports on your computer.

Bonita will share her aura camera AND a wonderful device called the Bio-Well. It reads fingerprints to map the flow of energy lines and Chakra balance/alignment. It is a similar in definition to how Acupuncture works.  Join us for an amazing evening of mapping your energy flow, both inside and out, including music based on your chakra alignment.  

For today's unusual and fun workshop, Bonita will explain how these energetic determination equipment work and lead a guided conversation about how to become better connected to and positively impact your personal Energy Flow. We will each be photographed and mapped. We will meet as a group to read our reports. Bonita will explain what the information means and answer questions as you review your information. She will explain how our mental, emotional, spiritual and physical well-being impacts our energetic state... and visa-versa. We will discuss different types of energy, such as social, health, focus, intention, emotional, etc... Becoming aware of your energetic details is a helpful tool for maintaining your optimal vibrational levels as well as caring for your physical well-being. 

Please bring a laptop or tablet. Each attendee will get an electronic copy of:

•  Your Aura Photo

·  Your Chakra Alignment Map

•  A 9 minute musical composition based on your Chakra alignment

•  Your Energy Flow 20 page (and very detailed) report