Bonita offers
 events & workshops
all over the world!

Bonita Woods Wellness Institute

offers events & workshops all over the world!

& private virtual sessions for Past Life Reading, Soul Realignment & Soul Contract reviews

Bonita's Current Workshops are offered in-person & virtually

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Connect with Your Eternal Being!

Spiritual Workshops and Platform Channeling

We are each of us an Eternal Being of Love and Divine Light. Our form in this life is one of many we shape ourselves within. 

Bonita is a gentle guide to the non-physical beings, places and energies that can help us Connect with our Eternal Being. 

Energy flows through You!

Spiritual Technical Skills Classes

Would you like to Shape Reality to be as you desire? Learning technical skills like Spoon Bending, Small Object Levitation and Spirit Card Reading refines comfort and ability with creating your Life to align with your true desires. 

Akashic Record Readings &
Channeled Messages from Spirit

Past Life Readings with Soul Realignment & messages from Those Who Love You from Beyond

Bonita's Technical
Healing & Private Lessons

Receive Sacred Messages through Cards, Crystal Ball, Scrying, Pendulum, Crystals, Runes

Bonita's Energetic
Healing Services

PranaShakthi & Shamanic Healing

Over the past many years, Bonita has become an increasingly attuned channel and medium for Beings of Divine Light and Infinite Wisdom. She is honored to share messages of why Earth was created and what is happening with the next phase of human evolution.

You can see Bonita channel Gaia, Divine Mother of All at the start of this video. Gaia and the Dancers of the Divine White Light share messages of Joyous, Loving Healing and answer questions from the audience. 

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Bonita can present at your wellness center!

Bonita's offers in-person and Skype programs

Watch videos of Bonita's presentations on youtube & connect on facebook or twitter

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Bonita Channels Angelic & Divine Beings

2 hour (and longer) workshops available

Bonita would be delighted to Channel Diving Beings for your wellness center! She can present in-person or via social media. Contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call 703-992-9606 to arrange this extraordinary event.

We recommend you bring a notebook. You may also audio or video record this event if you wish.

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Contact us if you have any questions at
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Imagine your Ultimate Life and CLAIM it!


Recent Events

" I had the pleasure of having a session in the healing chamber. I was a great experience. The lights and the crystals, the aromatherapy, the music (I had a Native Indian CD), the pad with the stones and the copper, add to that the magnet in the comfy comforter along with the adjustable bed are a recipe for great healing! I could feel the energy and the healing run through my body where it was most needed. Very peaceful and relaxing environment! The picture of the aura and my talk with Bonita after were very useful. I am ready for my next session. Thanks Bonita for creating such a beautiful place.

Ps. It also has butterflies on the wall (transformation!)"