Super Moon = Divine Mystique

I was honored to be part of Reverend Ana Jones' Full Moon Ceremony during last night's Super Moon. The women gathered were all brilliant and magical.
​ I want to share my experience with you. As soon as I got home, I sent this letter to Ana. Her channeling of Arch Angel Michael  created a sacred space for everyone in the room to completely embrace our healing and transmutation from lower states of being to love, light and all that serves our highest good.

Dear Ana, Kerry and Honi,

Thank you again for creating such an extraordinary evening of release, divine connection and soul embrace. You brought many blessing to us tonight. I am still in wonder over the patio light joining with our lunar celebration! 

I want to share with you what I saw when Ana began your connection and channeling. Ana, when you called to Michael, he spoke with me and said “We are already here.” He gestured to Jesus and Metatron, who were beside Michael. They were energetically assisting Michael with his efforts, but Michael was the one working with you. Jesus and Metatron were providing him with support. The two Marys (mother and bride) and Father Joseph were further back, enjoying and supporting, but not actively participating. There were many other angels and light beings, but I did not know any by name or recognition.

Michael showed me how he, with the help of Jesus and Metatron, had already created sacred space and energetic connections for everyone in the room. They were completely prepared. Michael wanted me to understand that this was not a situation where you call to him and he responds. This was an evening that was destined and has impact. Michael was proud of you and very happy. He loves working with you. An essence of him is with you always.

When I looked at you, I could see lines of light (mostly white, but some indigo and a few that were pale colors) coming down into you. There were so many, you were bathed in the glow. These energy lines went into you then from you to us. As the meditation continued, this process became stronger and lines connected each of us to each other, in a network. We also each had direct lines of connection form Michael and whomever else out there wanted to help with specific individuals of us. All our guardian angels and guides were active with this, but by my sight, they were further back and up. They didn’t want to get in the way of Michael’s and Ana’s work. They were all grateful to you for providing them with this opportunity to connect with their people. Certainly, all of mine were there in full force!

I look forward to seeing what wonders will grow from your efforts tonight. Thank you for your love and grace. This is an amazing evening all around.

All love,  Bonita

Chef Bonita Woods, NC, DM, FCCPS
Executive Director
Bonita Woods Wellness Institute

 It was really amazing night, which had a favorable impact on each of you. I am sure that you will remember the emotions that you were able to feel.

The amazing Super Moon. It is the 1st of 3 consecutive months of Super Moons. Next month will be the closest to Earth of the 3.

I was honored to be part of Reverend Ana Jones' Full Moon Ceremony during last night's Super Moon. The women gathered were all brilliant and magical.

We lit candles and invoked the light of Mother Moon. Suddenly, patio lights that have not worked in over 17 years turned on. When the ceremony was over, just as I (the last person in lone) entered the house... the lights turned back off! We checked them out. They would not turn on again. This was a blessing just for us. Thank you Mother Moon! 


Our hostess tried every way she could, then had her husband try to turn off the light. It was not connected to the fuse box! There was no live power being directed to this electrical element.

I was the last person to go in. The light literally went off as I entered the house.

We went into the beautiful center where Ana brought ArchAngel Michael in for us while we meditated.