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Bonita Woods Wellness Institute

Bonita Woods Wellness Institute is a non-profit Mind-Body-Spirit wellness education center located in the heart of Northern Virginia. We provide a variety of free and affordable programs to help you take charge of your personal wellness and well-being. The better educated you are on how your body functions, what you need to live your life with optimum health, the better you can make use of the health and wellness resources available to you. We coordinate programs with many local doctors, counselors and healthcare facilities. We believe that the better you understand yourself and your wellness needs, the better you can manage your well-being and the total quality of your life.

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"You haven't fully lived this life until you try a Past Life Reading with Bonita! She finds the little quirks and issues that come from your past, who is here to help you and who is really messing with your plans. It's amazing to learn how much more there is to life than just slogging through the days! Thanks to Bonita, I'm able to connect with my full self and have so much joyful support within myself! I will absolutely book another session to see what more I can accomplish with this life."

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"My session with Bonita literally changed my life! I love her workshops but didn't expect the detailed and transformational impact this one-on-one time would have. Bonita helped me face myself and embrace the beauty that I found within. She guided me through the process of releasing negative and self-recriminatory thoughts. Now, several months later, I feel like I am truly myself and living the life I am meant to be enjoying. Everything is better because I have shifted my energy and intention. I laugh more, sleep well and am going forward with my life filled with my passions."


"I had been in deep mourning for too long. I couldn't get out of it. Bonita helped me reconnect with my husband and learn the multi-life relationship we have. Of course, I wish he were with me in body, but he is with me in his own way. I have released my heart wrenching sorrow and now we connect through love. I have referred Bonita to several friends. They have all thanked me many times and rave about her miraculous work."


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