I am spending the day detailing out a quinoa cookie recipe for our gluten free baked goods line. 6 experimental batches later... I have a LOT of cookies piled in my kitchen. Anyone want to come over for a tea party?

I think we will have quinoa cookies with walnuts, raisins, currents and dates in stores next week. I want to have something for folk who can't eat oatmeal, even the certified gluten free stuff. Also doing a lot of research on dry wheat dust on uncertified oatmeal VS cooked to see if the unawakened protein is digested easier than cooked. This is all about if people on a gluten free diet can eat a regular granola bar. If any of you have inforamtion or experience with this, please feel welcome to contact me at Bonita@BonitaWoods.org

35 years of fine cuisine kitchen work, a culinary degree, various nutrition certifications, a background in teaching... has all led me to this point. I can not tell you how much fun I am having with granola! With each recipe, we are work at the balance between:
good taste & texture
sweetness & flavor, but low calories
as much nutrition as we can pack in, especially the hard to find micro-nutrients & amino acids
as few allergens as possible (like dairy & gluten)
as many vegan recipes as we can manage
use as much raw & fresh ingredients as we can but give the final product as long a shelf life as possible
maintain a high quality standard but keep the cost down
This is the kind of challenge I love! So far, we seem to be on the right track. Wish us luck!

I am sorry that we have disappeared for a while! Since August, my wonderful son Zander was in an intense therapy program that took up most of our time and all of our energy. As most who follow my blog know, Zander is a Twice Exceptional child. That means he has ADHD, Aspergers, Tourettes (the twitchy type, not the shouting inappropriate things type), OCD, SAD and zero impulse control. Zander also has an unmeasurable high IQ - mostly because he can't sit still long enough to finish an IQ test, but we know that he is very smart.

Unfortunately, a bright child who can't focus on the class lecture and acts twitchy & bizarre will have a rough time in middle school. Zander has worked hard at an intensive educational therapy program and is now back in our local school. Of course he is getting a lot of support. I am eternally grateful to Mary Ellen Middle School & Falls Church City Public School District for working with us. Some of the things I have asked of them is pretty cutting edge.

The current result of our laborious work is that Zander is back among his friends and getting mostly straight A's. Most importantly, Zander is learning self-managing techniques and able to relax. Almost as importantly, I don't have to spend 4-plus hours a day driving and can again focus on my work. Hello everyone! I have missed you all!

If any of you are in a similar situation, please feel welcome to contact me. I understand the heartache of having a darling & special needs child in distress. There is no magic cure out there, but therapeutic techniques are breaking barriers every day. It will take a lot of effort & may involve a lot of driving, but special schools and programs are out there, looking for families to help.